Resort Developments

EoN manages the development of luxury resorts on islands in the Maldives, working on behalf of owners and investors. Well-versed in local knowledge as well as in the intricacies and challenges of creating a high-end resort, EoN has developed its areas of expertise to cover the entire project life cycle, from opportunity analysis to advising on design concepts as well as project managing the actual development and taking it all the way to opening.

EoN uses international project management methodologies adapted for resort development in the Maldives, combined with strong and transparent financial controls to ensure that the development progresses in the best interest of the stakeholders.

Opportunity Analysis

With any new project, EoN first assesses a location's potential, then develops a plan to unlock its strategic value. It's areas of expertise in this area include:

    • Commercial opportunity analysis
    • Business strategy development
    • Initial theme and concept
    • Financial feasibility
    • Structuring ownership models
    • Introducing and negotiating with international hotel operators

Design Support & Preliminaries

With commercial feasibility established, EoN engages with consultants to conduct the preliminary work, refining initial concepts to create a differentiated resort, covering:

    • Structuring an appropriate construction team
    • Detailed concept design for architect briefs
    • Environment Impact Assessment
    • Review of site layout, master planning and floor plan for operational efficiency
    • Interior design and fitouts assessment
    • Review of tenders prepared by consultants
    • Review of tender responses

Construction and Development Support

Following preparation of the blueprint, EoN consolidates the technical resources and expertise needed to implement the project within budget and on time. This crucial phase covers: 

    • Procedures and controls definition
    • Programme management
    • Materials sourcing
    • Overseeing consultants and contractors
    • FF&E sourcing and procurement
    • Quality management


  • Resort Development
  • Consultancy
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics
  • Hotel Management