Consultancy and Advisory Services

With its recognised expertise in the field, EoN's Consultancy and Advisory services can help with any aspect of resort development or operations.

The scope of services provided can range from short-term one-off assignments, all the way to multi-year advisory and guidance services over the life of a development.

Some of the areas in which EoN has to-date provided advisory services include:

    • Feasibility assessment and opportunity analysis of potential development sites
    • Financial structuring and ownership models
    • Design advice, taking into consideration market needs, commercial objectives as well as local conditions
    • Development budgeting¬†
    • Project Management guidance, reviews and independent assessments
    • Sales and Marketing strategies review and assessment
    • Operational manning guidance and planning
    • Annual budget assessment


  • Resort Development
  • Consultancy
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics
  • Hotel Management