Why EoN?

EoN is Key

The introduction of the 'one island, one resort' concept has positioned the Maldives as a high-end tourist destination. World-renowned hospitality brands have thus been entering the Maldivian market to consolidate their portfolio and strengthen their positions globally.

However, the barrier to entry is very high for new comers. EoN's diversified portfolio of Maldivian properties leverages on the strengths of leading hospitality brands to provide a major point of difference for potential investors while ensuring financial stability.

Whilst others struggle to overcome the high barrier to entry into the Maldivian resort industry, investors and shareholders automatically engage in Maldives resort development by partnering with us.

Unique in the Maldives

EoN is truly one of a kind in the Maldives, with: 

    • A growing portfolio of quality properties
    • Carefully-selected, quality international hotel/resort operators to manage the properties, unlike any other in the Maldives
    • A diversified portfolio capable of withstanding downturns in the market
    • In-house expertise across the entire project life cycle, covering both development, operations and asset management
    • Implementation of international project management standards
    • Industry expertise, with key team members having a set of proven track records in developing the luxury resort market
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