The EoN Team

EoN. A global presence, based in the Maldives.

Our extensive in-house team team includes finance, purchasing and logistics, project management, asset management along with sales and marketing.

We draw strength from diversity, with a multicultural staff representing a variety of nationalities. To-date, our team members have joined us from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, China and Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Resort Development

During resort development, we always use dedicated in-house architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors, civil engineers and project managers. Each member of the team is carefully chosen to complement the skill-sets necessary for each project. In addition to these internal resources, EoN also directly manages the various sub-contractors needed to carry out a development, working on behalf of the project stakeholders, and thus effectively oversees up to a thousand plus workers on any given development project.


Operations, Asset Management and Consultancy

Our non-development work is almost always carried out by in-house experts in the field, who between them, have many hundred man years of experience in successful management of hotels and resorts.

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