EoN was formed in early 2003, as a company with specialist expertise in the development and operation of luxury resorts in the Maldives, working on behalf of investors and owners. Its founding members have been in the Maldives resort industry since the mid-90s, and are regarded amongst the pioneers of the luxury segment.

Balanced and In Harmony

EoN, an acronym for "Elements of Nature", as a company strives for balance and harmony in all its projects, encompassing resort design goals, the environment,  the market and equally importantly, the commercial objectives. 

In  a competitive market, EoN is very selective with the projects it undertakes, and always looks for underlying value. As a result, EoN has grown in leaps and bounds and now manages a very diverse group of resort investors. Combining its refreshing new concepts with strong financial and project management, EoN has been able develop properties that are landmark destinations, whilst creating value for investors.

Stood the test of time

It is one of the few companies in the Maldives that has stood the test of time covering both economic boom periods as well as the global recession of 2008/9 and yet was still was able to complete a number of new openings soon thereafter.

In addition to resort development, EoN's in-depth practical knowledge of resort operations combined with its real-time understanding of the pulse of the market means that it is able to provide owners and investors with an all-round investment management service that is second to none.


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